May 26, 2007

Destination: Ukraine!

There are great news from our M/C club, the Armenian branch of Hye Riders!

The guys have departed from Yerevan on Tuesday, May 22 to Ukraine on choppers!
Wishing a good luck and a safest trip to them on their way through Georgia to Ukraine. I'm sure they're going to have some superb fun once there!

I am skipping this international ride due to the shortage of cc of my engine. Hopefully will join these events when I get on a more powerful horse!

May 10, 2007

Site plan, no seals

My parts dealer has contacted me a few days ago and told me that they do not have the valve seals that I need in stock and so I need to wait until Honda makes them for me. This basically means waiting for another couple of weeks, and then struggle with the local post office. So there isn't much to write these days except that I'm impatient about the seals arrival. The weather outside is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to get my feet on the footpegs!

That's it for the bad news. Now some good news.

Hye Riders have a plan of launching for all the local and outside friends and interested people! Man, we're going to have all sorts of things online for all sorts of people, so once we have it Blogster will be the first to scream about it! I might even embed Blogster into the new website, who knows! Anyway, we don't even have the design yet, so its just that - some good news :) Cheers!

April 23, 2007

Valve Seals Shipping

Great as it is, I have finally ordered the valve seals! Destination: Armenia! With their shipping rates, shipping speed and quality of service, David Silver Spares once again became my personal favorite as a Honda spares supplier, building an excellent reputation for all british businesses (whoever had any deals with any UK shops got the joke) :) Huge thanks to Vahag for all the assistance!


Thank you for your order.

The total on the invoice
including postage is 18.80 GBP.

Delivery to Armenia 5-7 days.


April 19, 2007


Alert! My Blogster was infected with a trojan horse that would try to install itself on anyone's PC who would visit my blog. Those of you who have some sort of a virus protection installed probably know what I mean and thanks to tirami su for letting me know about this incident! All because of a stupid 3rd-party statistics counter. I hope that nobody got injured, everything is settled and smooth and clean now. Google Analytics for life!

April 18, 2007

Of an open season without riding

I miss my motorcycle.

The season is open, a wonderful weather to ride and the bike is in the cold garage waiting for the seals to be ordered. I miss it!

I miss how you open the garage doors from inside watching the sunlight filling the dark space, how you take the leather coat and put it on, followed by the gloves. Then you sit on, grab the handlebars and straighten the bike. Switch the fuel switch on the left side of the engine, pull the choke lever, set the red Engine button on the right side of the handlebar to 'Run' and press START with your thumb. I miss the starter sound and how its instantly followed by the voice of the air-cooler cruiser engine. Sit like that for a minute. Push the choke lever back. Move out of the garage into the light. Close the garage doors. Put the glasses on. Squeeze the throttle a couple of times, switch the headlight on and hit the road!

April 15, 2007

April 6, 2007

Intel Inside

Intel builds a chopper to help celebrate 30 years of embedded processors.

Yeah, it's strictly promotional and you'll probably never be able to buy one, not in the real world at least.

In celebration for thirty years of Intel embedded processing and computing, the chip giant decided to celebrate with a roar. This 250-horsepower soft-tail chopper runs with an Intel chip, giving the rider a computer right on the dashboard. Just don't try to send an e-mail while roaring down the highway. Built by Paul Teutul senior of Orange County Choppers had this to say about his mechanical/digital creation.
As Intel celebrates 30 years of innovation, we’ve created the most powerful and technologically advanced bike we’ve ever made to showcase the many ways the world benefits from Intel embedded technology.
While Doug Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Embedded and Communications Group said that “this 250- horsepower chopper designed using quad-core Intel computers is more than just a mechanical powerhouse.”
His son, Paul junior, probably helped out with the project too. One cool mod preformed was the complete abandonment of rear view mirrors. Instead, the bikes dash board monitor will display what's behind you via a rear view camera, thanks to an Intel Quad-core chip/based system.
There's no word yet if this bike will make it to market, but if you really want one, you can by the digital version. Intel has designed a virtual hog for the on-line community 'Second Life', a virtual world where millions of users live and play as a collection of bits and bytes.
I wonder though? If I had the real world Intel chopper, running Windows Vista, and the OS were to crash, would the motorcycle explode? Probably not. Would Vista ask me a million times, "Do you really want to add this gas to your tank? Do you really want to shut down? This oil change has not been digitally signed by Microsoft, do you ant to continue?"