February 16, 2007

About the whole thing

For those non-illuminated - this is my blog about motorcycling in Armenia. I'm quite proud, too, to be confident that it must be the first and only one in Armenia by this time (and most likely for another couple of years as well, Welcome to Armenia, Noah's Route, Your Route). This is a place where I am going to post most of my motorcycling experience throughout the season, bunch of valuable tips for motorcycling in Armenia, any bike-for-sales that happen to take place in my reality, all surely combined with multimedia (that's a fancy way of saying pics, sounds and videos) for you to enjoy!

The reason, I guess, is to promote motorcycling in Armenia. However it seems to be a reason that is too noble (and pathetic) for a dude like me, so it might as well be just keeping all the experience I need written somewhere, so that I can refer to it later for my personal needs. And keeping it blogged helps me keep my own HD free of garbage. Why not have the blog posts private then? Because they are public by default, so why bother!

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