February 17, 2007

TODO for the season

Well well. Time to move on I guess to a more serious stuff. Let's see what do we have to do for the Season'07.

  • Replace the front wheel. It's not really worn yet, but a brand new one would feel more confident on gravel. Should be Dunlop, stock. Will cost too much. Darn.
  • Replace the engine valve bands. Enough burning oil. 40 euros. Replacement is free.
  • Replace the drive chain. Totally worn. Will cost around 100 euros if stock, and perhaps twice less if bought on eBay.
  • Purchase a new helmet. Current helmet is in a perfect condition, but its safety period (3 years) is passed. Besides I want to move to a less-noob half-helmet or 1/4 (current one is 3/4). Gonna cost around 50 euros, half helmets are fortunately cheap.
  • Purchase new gloves! Current gloves are worn, besides I'm tired of full gloves and I want some cut-finger experience as a real cruiser guy. How about I just cut their worn fingers?
  • Replaceable hand patch for the coat! I've had this idea for a while already, its about time I implement it!
  • Replace turn signals with stock. Around 40 euros. Sick of them braking down with every pothole.
  • Buy a new motorcycle!!! BUY A NEW ONE! 500cc-700cc cruiser, I want a new motorcycle! Oh Lord, I want a new higher-cc motorcycle. Will take a loan and buy it, whatever.
  • Accordingly, sell my Rebel. "I will sell this house today... I will sell this house... today."
  • Re-obtain my lost A-class driving license document. Should cost around AMD14,000.
  • Not have a single crash during the season. God help me ride safe.
  • Replace the headlight with a more powerful one.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Buy new spark-plugs!
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • Blog, blog, blog
  • Have fun.
This list will be updated during the season. Points will be marked upon being complete. That's all, so far. Be safe, have fun.

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