May 10, 2007

Site plan, no seals

My parts dealer has contacted me a few days ago and told me that they do not have the valve seals that I need in stock and so I need to wait until Honda makes them for me. This basically means waiting for another couple of weeks, and then struggle with the local post office. So there isn't much to write these days except that I'm impatient about the seals arrival. The weather outside is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to get my feet on the footpegs!

That's it for the bad news. Now some good news.

Hye Riders have a plan of launching for all the local and outside friends and interested people! Man, we're going to have all sorts of things online for all sorts of people, so once we have it Blogster will be the first to scream about it! I might even embed Blogster into the new website, who knows! Anyway, we don't even have the design yet, so its just that - some good news :) Cheers!

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