February 25, 2007

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once again, whats the blog all about?
A: The blog, once again, is all about motorcycling in Armenia, particularly about motorcycling in Armenia from my perspective and experience.

Q: You get money through all this or something?
A: No. In fact I could, but I am not planning to make any profit through anything I do that involves riding a motorcycle.

Q: Are you in a M/C club of some sort?
A: Yuppie, I'm a proud member of the Armenian branch of Hye Riders M/C club, however this website is not anyhow affiliated with the club and is a very personal undertaking.

Q: Can you help me with buying a motorcycle?
A: Perhaps.

Q: Can you help me with fixing my motorcycle, or with finding some part for it?
A: Perhaps!

Q: I love motorcycles and I want to ride a motorcycle. Could you please teach me?
A: No, but I can find someone who can help!

Q: I am a hot chick and I want to ride a motorcycle. Could you please teach me?
A: Why not?

Q: Why don't my comments appear on your blog as I submit them?
A: Because they need to be moderated first. Once I approve them, they will appear, so there is no need to write the same comment more than once - just wait.

Q: Hey! I love Blogster! How can I promote it?
A: It's easy, if you're a blog owner: just link to the Blogster! If you want to go even further and put up a banner, why don't you ask me for a banner of the right size right here? You can also promote it by screaming about it in the streets, writing its address on your t-shirt or your vehicle, writing a virus that sets people's homepages to the Blogster, etc. Any promotion would be highly appreciated and credited!

Q: Why does the top image look so lame with a gray background and doesn't fit into the overall design of the blog?
A: Because you're using Internet Explorer (IE) version <7, which has the famous bug of displaying transparent PNGs. Use Firefox or any other browser that supports transparent PNGs, or upgrade to IE7. No, I won't replace it with a GIF. Principally.