April 18, 2007

Of an open season without riding

I miss my motorcycle.

The season is open, a wonderful weather to ride and the bike is in the cold garage waiting for the seals to be ordered. I miss it!

I miss how you open the garage doors from inside watching the sunlight filling the dark space, how you take the leather coat and put it on, followed by the gloves. Then you sit on, grab the handlebars and straighten the bike. Switch the fuel switch on the left side of the engine, pull the choke lever, set the red Engine button on the right side of the handlebar to 'Run' and press START with your thumb. I miss the starter sound and how its instantly followed by the voice of the air-cooler cruiser engine. Sit like that for a minute. Push the choke lever back. Move out of the garage into the light. Close the garage doors. Put the glasses on. Squeeze the throttle a couple of times, switch the headlight on and hit the road!

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