February 16, 2007


Cinque.. quattro.. tre.. duo.. uno.. Gia!!

That's right, YAFP MCMXII, and I'm starting my MCMXIIth attempt of Blogging (should we call this a Blogster2?), with a deep belief (as always) that this time it will be luckier than the previous times. Considering all the cutting-edge tools and technologies that I have at my disposal with Google, this blog has all the chances! Considering on the other hand my personal irresponsibility, laziness and the frequency at which the world (including motorcycling) does not make any sense to me, it will perish just like the ones before it!

However, I am hopeful that the technologies will overwhelm the rest. I want to be blogging. Even if only for a season. If only for a season... must... blog... Aaargh!!!

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